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www.wildlife-galleries.co.uk - These galleries, established in 2005, are primarily based on European species of Birds, Mammals, Insects, Reptiles, Amphibians and Plants. Contained within the pages of this web site are hundreds of wildlife and nature photographs and images. The quality and breadth of wildlife images now available on this site makes wildlife-galleries.co.uk a premier source of high quality wildlife stock photographs. This site is split into 16 main galleries, these containing over 90 sub-galleries with over 8000 images attracting hundreds of unique visitors each month.

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Europe contains many different types of habitat. Artic tundra, alp meadows and mountain peaks, lowland heath, fresh water lakes and ever increasingly, urban areas, are just some of those habitats making up the European landscape. Plants, in all their sizes and colours have been able to exploit all of these landscapes.