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Adder Alan Alan Prowse Alcedo atthis Algarve Alistair Morrell Anas penelope Anas platyrhynchos Anas strepera Anax imperator anisoptera Anser anser Ardea cinerea Arenaria interpres Argynnis paphia Arvicola terrestris August 2011 August 2012 auk auks Avocet Aythya fuligula Badger Bearded Reedling birds Black Redstart Black-headed Gull Black-tailed Godwit Blue Tit Bombycilla garrulus Bookham Common Branta canadensis broad-bodied chaser butterfly Calidris alpina Canada Goose Carduelis carduelis Carduelis spinus Cervus elaphus Chaffinch Chiffchaff comma Common darter common frog Common Redstart Common Snipe Coot Cuckoo Cuculus canorus Cyanistes caeruleus Cygnus olor Dendrocopos major dragonfly duck ducks Dunlin Effingham Fish Ponds Egretta garzetta Emberiza schoeniclus Episyrphus balteatus Erithacus rubecula February female finch finches Fratercula arctica Fringilla coelebs Fulica atra Gallinago gallinago Gannet Garry Smith geese Geometridae Goldfinch Graham Carey Gran Canaria Great Tit Greece Grey Heron Grey Squirrel gulls Herring Gull Hirundo rustica House Sparrow hoverfly insect jack perks July 2011 July 2012 June 2011 Kenneth Kenneth Noble Kestrel Kingfisher Lanius collurio Lanzarote Lapwing large red damselfly Larus argentatus Larus michahellis atlantis Larus ridibundus larva Leatherhead lepidoptera Libellula depressa Limosa limosa Lisa Louise Greenhorn Little Egret Little Grebe Louise Greenhorn Loxia pytyosittacus Luscinia megahynchos Lutra lutra M Noble macro male Mallard Mark Elvin marmalade fly Marsh Frog May 2011 May 2012 Meadow Pipit Meles meles Moorhen Morus bassanus moth Mute Swan Nightingale Noble Noctuidae Norfolk November Nuthatch October October 2013 odonata Oenanthe oenanthe Orthetrum cancellatum Otter owls Panurus biarmicus Parus major Passer domesticus Pensthorpe Phoenicurus ochruros Phoenicurus phoenicurus Pied Wagtail Polesden Lacey Polyommatus icarus Prowse Puffin puffins Pyrrhosoma nymphula Rabbit Rana temporaria Razorbill Red Deer Red Fox Red Squirrel Redshank Reed Bunting reptile Robin Saxicola torquata Sciurus carolinensis Sciurus vulgaris September 2012 Silver-washed Fritillary Siskin Sitta europaea snow Starling Steve Covey Steve Gale Stonechat Sturnus vulgaris Surrey Sylvia Communis Sympetrum danae Sympetrum striolatum Tachybaptus ruficollis thrushes tits Trevor Rees Tringa totanus Turdus merula Turnstone UK Vanellus vanellus Vipera berus Vulpes vulpes wader waders warblers Water Vole Waxwing Wheatear Wigeon Wiltshire